West Timor

West Timor is the poorest province in Indonesia. People’s ability to better their lives is significantly limited by their ability to earn an income. [1]

Connections with the local church in West Timor and the Christian University of West
Timor (UKAW), through the Nedlands Uniting Church, continue to grow and are vital to improving the livelihoods of those in West Timor.

UKAW – The Christian University of West Timor

The West Timor Team project of encouraging friendship and supportive relationships has been developing further since its establishment, with the frequency of professional visits to the University increasing. Involvement with the university includes:

  • The Water Project – supply and maintenance of water around the campus with the Faculty of Agriculture.
  • Further expertise offered on water management, agriculture, enterprise development and climate change adaptation.
  • Improved English education of academic staff.
  • Opportunities for educators to train in Perth, focusing on learning new teaching methodologies.
  • Workshops to provide youth with skills to start and run their own businesses.


[1]. https://www.unitingworld.org.au/projects/village-and-economic-development/