Refugees and Asylum Seekers

As Christians we are called to love our neighbour, welcome the stranger, challenge unjust systems and offer refuge and care to those who are marginalised and in exile, we have a particular responsibility in our society when it comes to responding to issues related to asylum seekers and refugees.

The Uniting Church advocates for a just response to the needs of refugees that recognises Australia’s responsibilities as a wealthy global citizen, upholds the human rights and safety of all people, and is based on just and humane treatment, including non-discriminatory practices and accountable, transparent processes.



Justice for Refugees


The Uniting Church in Australia is a long-standing advocate of the just treatment of asylum seekers. We have been consistently vocal on the need for;

  • Australia to increase its humanitarian intake
  • Asylum seekers and refugees to be brought to Australia from Manus Island and Nauru
  • Temporary protection to be changed to permanent protection
  • An end to boat turn-backs
  • A fair and timely refugee application process with adequate legal support
  • Work rights and access to adequate welfare support.

We seek to maintain an open, communicative relationship with the Department of Home Affairs to advocate for changes to immigration legislation and, on occasion, on behalf of individual refugees.

For more resources, statements and information regarding refugees and asylum seekers, explore the following sites:

For resources, statements, submissions and other information about the Uniting Church’s work in this area go to the Uniting Justice Refugees and Asylum Seekers page.

Justice for Refugees WA website


The Humanitarian Group

We work closely with The Humanitarian Group, community legal service for refugees and asylum seekers.


Australian Churches Refugee Taskforce

The Australian Churches Refugee Taskforceis a coalition of churches advocating for the rights of refugees and asylum seekers.


Media Releases

Visit the Uniting Church of Western Australia’s Media Releases page to view our stance on prominent issues related to refugees and asylum seekers.

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