Hope for Education – Sri Lanka Pre-schools

Hope Through Education – Sri Lankan Pre-School Project 2018

Uniting Church in Australia, Synod of Western Australia in partnership with Methodist Church of Sri Lanka

Overcoming Disadvantage

  • The North and East of Sri Lanka is still recovering from the effects from the former civil war and the recent tsunami
  • The Pre-School Project supports five pre-schools in the Paranthan Circuit of the Killinochchi Districtand the Muttur-Vakari Circuit in the Trincomalee District
  • Many children in these areas suffer from under-nutrition, affecting their capacity to learn
  • Providing a nourishing meal each day and providing salaries for pre-school teachers, helps children to access to early education and grow their confidence in preparation for their schooling

Why Invest in Early Childhood Education & Development?

  • play stimulates child development and learning
  • early intervention in developmental delay is essential
  • early literacy helps children to develop a thirst for knowledge and excitement for
  • multi-faith education promotes peace in a conflicted country
  • early access to education is a critical step towards developing healthy adults, educated communities and creating opportunities to end the cycle of poverty

How to Donate?

  • Donate by direct debit to Uniting Church in Australia:
    BSB: 036-001
    Account: 92-1834
    Reference: Sri Lanka Preschools
  • Send a cheque – made payable to Uniting Church in Australia to:
    Social Justice Unit,
    Uniting Church Synod of WA,
    GPO Box M952,
    Perth WA 6843
  • For enquiries and more information contact the Social Justice Unit:
    justice@wa.uca.org.au or 9260 9800


$90 provides a meal a day for one child for one month

$1300 pays for one pre-school teacher’s yearly salary

All donations directly fund the Pre-School Project

Please note: as this project is managed directly between Uniting Church in Australia, WA and the Methodist Church of Sri Lanka, donations are not tax deductible.

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